VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows students and instructors to access the same computer from any other computer in the world. This virtual system has all the functionality of a standard campus computer build. With the VDI, you log in to one of a group of virtual machines, all of which have an identical set of installed software depending on your access, and are assigned the first available virtual machine.

 IMPORTANT: Do not save files/work to the 'C: Drive' on VDI Horizon machines. Always use and save files to your 'S: Drive' or removable storage.


VDI infographic

Having Problems? FAQ

Top 3 Most Common Issues

Make sure you select UM-AD in the domain. VMWare still defaults to MST-USERS the first time you connect from a specific machine. 

Set your display for the pool to “Fullscreen”.  The default is “All Monitors” See below:


To perform a reset on your roaming profile

  1. Log out of any CLC\VDI machines you are logged into.
  2. Go to https://mstprofiles.apps.mst.edu and log in.
  3. Click on Delete Profile for <Your UserID>.
  4. Click on Yes, Delete profile for <your userID>.

Desktop Client

Client installed on a computer

How to Install

Select your operating system.

How To Connect

Select whether you will be connecting on or off-campus.

Web Client

Client is used in a browser