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Below you can find a list of all IT staff, categorized by functional area. For more information about how staff within IT are organized, see the S&T IT Organization Chart.

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Perry Koob
Perry Koob

Acting Chief Information Officer

S&T Information Technology

Staff by Department

Campus Technology Support provides high quality support and innovation in delivery of information technology products and services to empower our S&T customers (please see for more information). 


Desktop Pros

Help Desk

Classroom Support

Network, Systems, Apps is responsible for all IT infrastructure on campus in support of desktop & server computing, database, network, and telecommunication services.


Network Infrastructure

Plant Infrastructure

Systems Infrastructure

Academic Technology Support

Apps Dev/Integration

IT Business Services works closely with IT Directorates and staff members, as well as with various constituencies from across the campus. They provide support in the areas of administrative, project/portfolio management, fiscal, personnel, communications, and asset management.


Business Services

Asset Management


Software Support

IT Relations

Provides primary communications support of IT-related events and changes affecting customers

The IT Research Support Solutions (RSS) team is charged with providing technology consultation in support of research efforts on campus. RSS also provides operational support for many common-use research-focused systems on campus, as well as IT problem management for systems within their scope. For more information go to


Research Support Solutions

High Performance Computing

IT Security works closely with IT Directorates and staff members, various constituencies from across the campus and with UM System. They provide support in the areas of technology security services.


IT Security