Installing VMware Horizon on Windows

How to download, install, and configure the client.

Downloading   Installing   Configuring 

If you are having trouble installing or configuring the desktop client on your computer, try using the Web Client instead.

Downloading the Client

1. Navigate to

2. Click Horizon Client for Windows.


 3. You will be taken to the main VMWare Horizon Client download website. Click the Go to Downloads link.


4. Click Download and save the View Horizon Client installer to a convenient location on your local computer.

Installing the Client

Once the client is downloaded, run the installer.

NOTE: The following instructions will require a reboot; make sure to save all documents before continuing the steps.

1. Double-click the installed file. The name of the file will vary slightly based on which version was downloaded.

2. Click Run.

3. Click Agree & Install.


4.  Click Finish.


5. Click Restart Now.

Be sure to save any documents before doing so.


Configure the Client

If you are not on campus, you will first need to connect to the campus VPN. For assistance doing so, see the VPN Instructions.

1. Locate and double-click the VMware Horizon Client on your desktop.
NOTE: you can also search for VMware Horizon Client in your start menu.


2. Click the Add Server button.


3. Enter and click Connect.


4. Enter your UM System SSO and your password, and click Login.


5. Double-click the pool of virtual machines you want to use.

NOTE: Pools available to you are determined by the courses in which you are enrolled, as requested by the instructor.

If you are having trouble installing the VMware client above, try using the web client instead.

VMware Web Client