Media Services Support

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We are available Monday through Friday by email at and by phone at (573) 341-4526.

Virtual Office Hours available Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm and Friday 10:00am - 11:00am or by appointment.

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For immediate assistance accessing live course content, call our emergency line: (573) 341-6611. If your problem isn't immediately preventing you from attending class live, please reach us at our general contact information; email: phone: (573) 341-4526.   573-341-4526

Requesting Support from IT Media Services from IT Help Desk

When submitting a ticket through the IT Help Desk, you can request that the ticket be passed to IT Media Services specifically.

  • First Log in to the IT Help Desk with your S&T credentials
  • Navigate to Service Catalog > Technology Support > Media Services
  • Provide as much information as possible to help us assist you
  • A technician will get in touch within 24 hours

IT Help Desk

Best Practices for the Classroom

Some quick tips for Instructors on good practices for teaching in the classroom

These items should be done as soon as you know you will be offering a Distance section for your course.

  • CLC (Computer Learning Center) Software and Apps Anywhere requests must be made by the date announced by the Learning Environments Team. Anything requested after the deadline will be considered an off-cycle request and may incur a cost to install.
    View or request software


  • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Software: If you have specialized software that you wish your distance students to access via VDI, you must request thru this form. The VDI software is only available to students not on campus.
    Request VDI Software


  • Combine your course sections in Canvas. You can combine your 1DIS and 1A sections of your course into a new course. That way all of your students can access the same material and you only need to post it to one course.
    Course Combine Instructions


  • CAFE (Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence): The CAFE'S Instructional Design team can provide you with online resources and tutorials as well as information on booking hands-on sessions to upgrade your course design and delivery.
    Visit the Cafe

These are important items to do before you start lecturing

Sound Check: it is important to do a sound check with your students after turning on the microphone/webcam.

Podium Computer
  • Sign in to the podium computer using your university credentials. This will log you into your roaming profile.
  • Please note:  You must join computer audio for your students in Zoom to hear you. You must send video for the students to see you. 
  • Calibrate the pen on the Wacom monitor
    • In the search menu, type Wacom Properties
    • In the Properties window, choose the pen
    • Choose Calibrate and follow the onscreen instructions
    • To Disable the button on the pen
      • Choose Pen, then the arrow next to the pen buttons
      • Choose Disable for both buttons or choose an option
  • Using PowerPoint
    • Change the Slide Show to show on the Primary Monitor
    • Click Slide Show on the menu bar
    • On the right of the dropdown choose Primary Monitor (not automatic)
    • Uncheck Presenter View (this will hide the notes and preview window)
  • Using OneNote
    • Set up a new notebook that will automatically save to your S:// drive. This will make the OneNote files readily available to you.
    • Saving your file to OneNote: With OneNote open, go to the file you wish to bring to OneNote (PowerPoint, PDF or Word document) on the computer, go to the Print Menu, choose Send to OneNote, then Print
    • To save your OneNote files in PDF format (to post for students, etc.)
      • On the page you want to export to PDF, choose File>Export
      • Under Export Current, you can save the Notebook, Page or Section depending on the option you choose in the native format
      • Under Select Format choose PDF, then click Export
      • In the Save As dialog box, choose your S:// drive
      • Give the file a name and choose Save

A Zoom UMSystem LTI is available in all Canvas Courses

  • Students who are not on campus will login to Canvas and choose the Zoom UMSystem link in the left navigation.
  • They will click the Join button in that link to participate live during class time
  • A headset microphone is preferred for interacting with faculty and classmates
  • A webcam is optional for students joining the Zoom meeting
  • On Campus students may join the live Zoom meeting. Those joining from the classroom DO NOT join audio.   

Equipment can be borrowed from IT to use for teaching from home.
Request equipment

Zoom and Panopto Bootcamp Recordings

Video instructions on how to operate Zoom and Panopto

Log in to the embedded windows or through the View button to watch Zoom and Panopto Instructions in the Panopto video player.

Zoom Instruction Bootcamp

View in panopto

Panopto Instruction Bootcamp

View in panopto

Panopto Instruction: How to Copy Lectures

View in panopto