CANVAS - Combine Courses

Instructors in Canvas have the option to combine multiple course sections into a single course.

This is useful if:

  • An instructor is teaching multiple sections of the same course
  • The course is cross-listed in the course catalog under two or more titles
  • The course has a lab component

Combining course sections in Canvas will allow an instructor to avoid maintaining duplicate online courses which saves time and results in a simpler and more uniform student experience.

WARNING! - DO NOT perform a course combine if student graded work or student submissions have already occurred in any of the sections to be combined. This WILL permanently delete the data! If you have questions, please contact the IT Help Desk.

WARNING!  - If you have created content in one of your original sections, the content will NOT copy over into the newly combined section. You will need to export your content and then upload it back into the combined section. This is because ALL enrollments are MOVED from the original section(s) into the combined course (including instructors). You'll then be unable to access the original section without intervention from IT.

NOTE: Before combining sections, IT recommends sending your students a notification that their sections will be combined into a single section.

Combining Courses

  1. Go to the Canvas Course Combine tool.

  2. Type in your Missouri S&T userid and password.

  3. Select the term from the dropdown list and click Get Matching Courses.


  4. In the New combined course nametext box, type in a new course name. All enrollments in this new course will be copied from the sections you select next.

    • Click the Click here for sample course name button to see a representative sample name.
    • New course names can be customized and should be descriptive.


  5. Click any of the courses in the box on the left to move it to the box on the right.Check the box at the bottom of the page to confirm you have the right courses selected.

    • Courses listed in the box on the right will be combined into your new course.
    • If you make a mistake or change your mind, simply click a course in the box on the right to move it back to the box on the left.


  6. canvascoursecombine-04

  7. Click Combine courses to complete the process!