The S&T Canvas Combine Utility functionality has been replaced by new functionality in the Canvas Request System (CRS)

Canvas Request System

Details on Course Combine with the CRS

If you have more than one section of a course you can combine those Canvas course shells into one to make course management easier.

Combining courses is now accomplished using a new UM System tool - the Canvas Request System (CRS)

  • The Canvas Request System allows you to combine sections and cross-listed courses. 
  • With the CRS you can designate one course section as the parent course and add the other course sections to that course as children.
  • You will see the course combination in Canvas within ~24–48 hours.
    • While you are waiting for the sections to be combined you can work to create course content in the parent course

At present (July 2021) Combined courses will all be listed under the parent name. Functionality to allow the combined course to be renamed is slated for later in FS21.

For questions on how the CRS works contact teachingtools@umsystemedu