Google Drive

  • Available to faculty, staff, and students by activating your Google Apps account
  • Allows you to store files on an off-site server (much like your "S" drive on campus)
  • Useful for storing important documents that you use often on many different computers, sharing documents with others, and backing-up important documents to protect them in case of hardware failure.
  • Includes 5 GB of storage.

How do I use Google Drive?

You must activate your Google Apps account before being able to use the Google Drive feature. To activate, go to How to Set Up Your Missouri S&T Student Gmail Account.

Google Drive can operate in two modes: Web mode and Sync mode.

Web mode is an intuitive Web interface. To access Google Drive through Web mode:

  1. Go to Icon indicated a new window/tab will be opened by pressing link
  2. Log in with your campus credentials

Sync mode requires that a client be installed on the machine. You can install the Google Drive application and log in with campus credentials for the Sync mode.

Using Google Drive in Sync mode, the interface is Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer). When you add files and folders to your Google Drive, the background client for Google Drive will sync the data in that folder to Google's servers without any further interaction.