CLC Print Management FAQ

Students: 500 Quota (500 black and white pages)
Instructors / Grad Students: 200 Quota (additional 200 black and white pages)

Black and white prints cost 1 Quota each and color prints cost 3 Quota each.

Your current balance can be checked at any time by logging into

The print management system will help conserve campus resources and ensure fair use of campus printing facilities. Before deciding to move forward with this program, IT met with student and faculty groups to make sure that this system would meet their academic needs. Most colleges and universities already have similar systems in place.

IT has worked closely with several student and faculty groups to arrive at a paper quota number that should be sufficient to complete your academic work on campus. IT will review feedback during each semester and adjust the quota accordingly to accommodate academic printing needs.

No, remaining quota at the end of each semester will be zeroed out and you’ll start the next semester with a fully charged quota in place.

Check your quota by checking the application in the upper right of your CLC computer’s screen, clicking the PaperCut NG icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen on CLC computers, or by logging in to 

Yes. You can transfer all or part of your semester quota to another student on campus.

Additional quota can be requested at the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the library.

Call the IT Help Desk at 573-341-HELP.  If your technical issues arise at a time when the IT Help Desk is closed, please note the time, room number, printer name (posted on each printer) and the name of the file you submitted to print and contact the IT Help Desk the next day during operating hours.  Alternatively, you can enter this information directly into a help ticket at

No. Cash refunds will not be distributed in lieu of print quota credits, but IT will credit your account if you lose a print job due to a printer error. To receive a credit, you’ll need to submit a help ticket explaining the nature of the problem you encountered, noting the time, room number and printer name (posted on each printer) and the name of the file you submitted to print.

Quota credits will be posted once a week, so you may not receive your credit for several days.

Duplex printing is a great way to save paper, but it causes wear and tear on the printer and uses the same amount of toner—the two main expenses in maintaining campus printers. Similarly, grayscale prints output from a color printer are charged the color rate because the toner cartridges for color printers (even if you print in black and white) are more costly than for black and white printers.

No. Student organizations will not receive a quota per se. However, a black and white printer has been set up in the Student Life Office to accommodate the printing needs of student organizations.  To use the printer, visit room 218 on the second floor of the Havener Center during normal business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). While no quotas will be imposed on the Student Life printer, student groups are asked to use the printing resource in a responsible manner.

Student groups needing color prints should contact the Student Life Office at 573-341-6771.