It is possible to transfer your print quota to another user. This may be useful if you have left over quota at the end of the semester and would like to transfer it to a friend or other person who may need some extra quota, if only a few pages.

Transfer Quota to Another User

  1. Log into the Print Management system at
  2. Your userid, quota balance, total print jobs, and total pages printed should be displayed under summary. Click Transfers located in the left column.


  3. In the space next to "Amount", type in the amount of quota (in dollars) you would like to transfer. In the space next to "Transfer to user", type in the userid of the individual to which you will be transferring some (or all) of your quota. In the space next to "Comment", you can send a message to the user receiving the the quota. Click Transfer.


  4. After clicking Transfer, the page should refresh, leaving the entry spaces blank. Your print quota should be adjusted according to the amount transferred. WARNING! Do NOT refresh this page. If the refresh button in the browser is clicked, the transfer will be sent again.