Hosted Servers Summary and Service Definitions/Offerings

The IT Systems and Storage Infrastructure team offers a server hosting service for a minimal/at-cost monthly charge. This hosting service provides:

  1. virtual hardware to run the host operating system
  2. administration and security patching of the host operating system for OS Managed Servers.

OS Managed Servers

  • Choice of Windows Server or Unix operating system install and license

  • Administration of the base Operating System (OS)

  • Security patching of base OS and integrated OS applications (both Windows and Unix). This does not include patching of “user installed” applications

  • Higher level of OS support for failure diagnosis and fix/recovery attempt (not to exceed 12 hours of IT effort per year

Unix Servers

  • We presently offer/deploy Fedora 20 for our Unix server platform.

  • Includes: Installation of applications available from Fedora repositories. However, application level configuration/customizations are the sole responsibility of the customer.

  • Includes: Application Level patching for applications installed/available from Fedora repositories

  • To maintain the stability of our deployment and the standards we have established on the Fedora installation structure, IT does not provide superuser/root privileges to managed unix servers. Instead application-level userids will be provided for customer's maintenance of the purposed server application. Customers requiring superuser/root privileges should consider our unmanaged (bare-metal) hosted server offering instead.

Windows Servers

  • We presently offer/deploy Windows Server 2008R2 or 2012R2 for our Windows server platform.

  • Customers will be provided with local administrator rights & roles. However, keep in mind that should the server become unrecoverable, IT will rebuild the system returning it to the original state as handed off to the customers at deployment time.

Unmanaged (bare-metal) No OS Servers

  • Customers will be responsible for licensing and installing the OS (from boot media).

  • IT provides a minimal level of support for OS failure diagnosis and fix/recovery attempts (not to exceed 4 hours of effort per year

  • Information Technology can pre-install virgin distributions of OSes available from general repositories (i.e. freely distributedopen source OSes). In such cases, there would be a one-time charge for the installation, which will be a part of the quote for the hosted server. Note: Virgin distribution/installation implies no customization will be applied during the install (i.e. we will accept all default settings during the installation process). This is option is being offered as a convenience to the customer for getting the base OS “of choice” running on a hosted server. 

Not Included With Hosted Servers

  • Application installation, configuration, and maintenance, all of which are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Consultation Services. See below for details on consultation services available.

  • Backups. See below for backup offerings.

Database Server or Service Needs

Customers seeking database servers/services should consult with our Database Administrators to best meet their needs and to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with respect to responsibilities, security, support, backups, etc.


Hosted Server Quotes

We will provide a monthly quote for the hosted server once we are provided with the following information concerning the hosted server (customers should check the application installation documentation to determine server resource requirements):

  1. Choice of:
    a. OS Managed Server: please specify Windows Server 2012R2Windows Server 2008R2, or Fedora for the OS choice.
    b. Unmanaged (Bare-metal) Server: for installation of virgin Linux distributions, specify desired OS and version.
  2. Hosted Server Purpose: used to choose a meaningful hostname for the server

  3. Number of virtual CPUs (up to MAX in table below). 

  4. Amount of RAM. (up to MAX in table below)

  5. Amount of Disk space for the OS and application installation (up to MAX in table below)

    Note: Windows Servers OSes should have at least 80GB of base storage available.

Hosted server charges are costed out over a 3 year period, with annual billing on the fiscal (July) boundary. Charges for the months leading up to the first fiscal boundary will be applied immediately. As a billing example using $100/MO, a hosted server acquired on March 1 would have an immediate billing of $400 (for the 4 months remaining), then in July the customer will be billed for $1200 (a full year).

Current Hosted Server Costs

General Purpose up to 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, 150GB Disk $82/Month Applies to Bare Metal and Managed General Purpose servers
DataBase Instance up to 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, 150GB Disk $126/Month Service and backup MOU to be arranged with DB Administrators
Additional vCPUs Added in pairs: Qty 2 $30/Month Currently a max of 4 vCPUs per hosted server
Additional RAM Per 4GB $15/Month Currently a max of 32GB per hosted server
Additional Storage Per 50GB $3.66/Month Hosted server storage over 300GB requires further review with customer and IT relative other options


Recovery of corrupted/failed environment

  • For managed hosted servers, Information Technology's resolution for a corrupted environment will be:

    1. IT rebuilding the server to the original state provide by Information Technology.

    2. Customer applying application installation and configuration via re-installation from customer notes, or via other recovery mechanisms the customer has arranged for with the application. Important: it is vital for customers to maintain necessary documentation/backups for the recovery of their environment

  • For Unmanaged hosted servers, customer is responsible for the entire recover of the environment, excepting IT can lay down the virgin install of the OS.

  • For Database servers/services, recovery will be defined by the established MOU between IT DB Administrators and the customer.

Consultation Services

Current consultation fee is $52/hour

Note: Consultation services are solely based on availability of staff time, which varies throughout the year.


Backup Offerings for General Purpose Hosted Servers

  • At this time IT only offers backups for our OS managed hosted server offering.
  • Because the sizing of storage required for backups is highly data-type driven, IT provides backup quotes on a case-by-case basis working with the customer of a hosted server(s).
  • For hosted general purpose servers, backups are at file system directory level(s). We do not provide crash-consistent recoveries for entire servers and their data. When an unrecoverable server must be fully restored, IT will re-install the server to the same state as initially provided to customer, followed by a recovery of the backed up directory data (under the customer's guidance with respect to recovery date timestamps).
  • Customers should consult with IT's Database Administrators for information concerning database server/services backups and associated costs, which are not a part of general purpose hosted server costs. .


All hosted server requests require a separate MOU with IT's Security group.