Equipment Loans

Office Equipment Taken Home

While home use of University-owned non-portable computers and peripherals is generally not permitted, current circumstances require we adapt accordingly. To assist faculty and staff in performing their duties remotely, a streamlined process for temporary use of University computing equipment is now in place.  Your direct supervisor and dean will need to approve your request.

If you are approved to work from home, do not have the equipment to do so, and would be able to do so by temporarily transferring your work desktop computer to home, please use the form linked below. 

  • You must agree to accept financial responsibility for the equipment in your care. 
  • You will need to identify the equipment you will be relocating. 
  • You will need to provide contact information and the location to which you will be moving equipment (HR form). 

Most desktop systems do not have WiFi. You will need to plug the computer directly into a wired port on a home router, or make other arrangements to address connectivity. If you are unsure about how to address connectivity, please consult your local IT professionals for guidance.

Understand that IT staff cannot provide in-person assistance off campus. If you have any concerns or questions about proper/adequate setup in your specific situation, please contact the Help Desk.


Students who don't have a computer to use for their remote coursework can request an equipment loan from the IT Help Desk.

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Considerations when taking equipment home

  • Any damage to devices will be your responsibility.
  • The university has no capacity to provide support for your home or remote network.


Faculty and staff members who are working remotely can help document the equipment taken home and get approval for taking their work computer home. It is also possible to request a equipment to assist with teaching and working remotely.

To document and receive authorization for the equipment taken home or to request needed equipment, please submit the form in the appropriate sections below. 

Please fill out the Equipment Loan Form below to help ensure proper tracking of the technical equipment taken home for remote work.

You will need:

  • Your personal information
  • Machine name
  • Serial numbers for machine and monitor(s)
  • List of other equipment you will be taking


Considerations when taking equipment home

  • Any damage to devices will be the responsibility of your department.
  • Moving printers to your home is discouraged as they can be damaged easily while moving and are only supported under contract while on the university network.
  • The university has no capacity to provide support for your home or remote network.

If you are in need of a computer or other equipment, please fill out this form to submit the request to your Dean for approval.


Important Considerations

  • Student computer requests will be of highest priority
  • Requires approval from your Dean before processing the request
  • You will be contacted with instructions to pick-up your equipment when ready

IT has identified the following hardware devices for standardized remote teaching.  These devices can be purchased through our Show Me Shop vendors.  If you need assistance in purchasing, submit an IT Procurement, Hardware, Request Purchase ticket at through the Service Catalog.  This will send your request directly to the Asset Management team. 

Please understand that there are significant supply chain demands on these type of devices and you may encounter delays in delivery.


These use the same driver and are relatively similar in behavior for the end-user and compatible with our campus build.

  • Wacom One 13.3” - $399.95 MSRP
  • Wacome Cintiq 16” - $649.95 MSRP

Portable Wireless Microphone

Samson Wireless USB receiver and body pack kit – approximately $120

Wired Microphone

Wired USB Lav - approximately $24

*the device has a long cable that could pose a tripping hazard, and the short cable keeps you tethered to the podium so closely that the webcam mic would be sufficient

Wired Headset

Microsoft Lifechat LX 3000 – approximately $29


Logitech C930e webcam – approximately $130


Returning Loaned Equipment

To return loaned equipment, please follow the Google Form button below. After filling out the form, someone will reach out to you and help you schedule an appointment. 

When returning loaned items, please make sure to have all components that came with the device. This would include the item’s packaging box, Wacom tablet, power cables & pen, mifi and charge cable and block/earbuds, laptop, and power cables.  IT technicians will inspect the items during the appointment to make sure they are complete and functional.