Set Up Delegates in Outlook

There are two main procedures for providing another user access to your inbox or any other mailbox items. This includes your calendar, notes, or other folders you may have created. The first thing that needs to be done is that you must grant the person rights to access your mailbox. Second, the person who will be accessing your mailbox will need to attach to your mailbox. You must grant the user rights to your mailbox prior to them attaching to it. If you do not do this the user will receive an error.

Grant Rights

  1. Start your Outlook client.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. Click Delegate Access.
  5. Click Add.
  6. A window labeled Add Users will pop up. Here you can add the person or persons that you want to grant access to your items. Type the person's name in, last name then first name. Once you see their name selected by the search click Add to add them to the access list. Click OK when you are done adding users.
  7. A new window labeled Delegate Permissions will pop up. This is where you choose what access you are going to give the user. You have the ability to grant anything from None to Editor for several different items in your mailbox. When you are done choosing the access you want to grant, be sure to place a checkmark in the option at the bottom of the window that will send a message summarizing the permissions you have granted to the delegate. Click OK to cause this change to take effect. Click OK again to close the Options window.
  8. Now click View.
  9. Click Folder List.
  10. You should now have a folder list showing on your screen. Right-click the entry in the folder list Outlook Today - [Mailbox - Your Name] and choose Properties.
  11. Click the Permissions tab.
  12. Click Add.
  13. A window labeled Add Users will pop up. Type in the name (last, first) of the user(s) you granted delegate rights to, then click Add. Do this for each delegate. When you are done click OK.
  14. You will now see the users you have granted delegate rights to listed in the permissions tab but with the Permission Level column set to none.
  15. Click on the user to highlight their entry and then choose reviewer from the Permission Level drop down menu at the center of the window. You can also click the Read Items check box.
  16.  When you are done changing the rights for the users you have made delegates, click OK.

CAUTION: Be sure not to grant 'default' rights. If you do this would grant the entire UM system rights.

NOTE: This right propagates when you create new folders. If you create a new folder to filter messages or for some other reason after granting rights you will have to remove the access rights on that folder if you do not wish delegates to be able to see it. Also these rights do not propagate to existing sub folders. If you already have created another folder or sub folder you will need to go through the add permissions process for that folder if you wish delegates to have rights to it

Attaching to Another Outlook User's Mailbox

  1. Start your Outlook client.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Account Settings, then Account Settings again.
  4. A window labeled E-Mail Accounts will pop up. Click View existing e-mail accounts, and then click Change.
  5. Click More Settings.
  6. A window labeled Microsoft Exchange Server will pop up. Choose the Advanced tab, then click Add.
  7. In the box, type the username for the Exchange mailbox you want to attach to. You can get this information from the user, or you can get it from the Address Book in Outlook, found on the Quick Access Toolbar.
    To get the information from the address book do the following:
    1. Select Address Book.
    2. Type in the users name (last, first).
    3. When the search finds the name you can double click on it, the alias field is the users Exchange UserID.
  8. After putting in the User ID click OK. If you have the mailbox correct, you will now see an entry in the Open These Additional Mailboxes window.
  9. You can add all the names you need in this manner.
  10. After adding all the names you need click OK, then Next, and then Finish, then close to go back to Outlook Client
  11. You now need to have your Folder list in view. If you do not already have this, click View and then click Folder List.
  12. You should see an entry for the individual(s)'s mailbox that you just attached to and should be able to expand it by clicking on the '+' sign next to that entry.

NOTE: If you cannot get the mailbox to expand, try closing Outlook and then re-opening.