Registering Your Network Device

To gain access to the Missouri S&T secure networks you must first register your device by entering its MAC address, also known as an ethernet address, in our device registration tool.

Why is it necessary to register your device?

  • Missouri S&T’s computing policy requires all network connected devices be registered with IT.  
  • Without registration the device poses a network security vulnerability.

How to Register a Device

  1. Go to Indicates that you will be directed to an external site by clicking on the link.
  2. Login with your Username and password
  3. Click Register Desktop and Laptop Systems
  4. Type your Username in the "Owner User ID" field
  5. Click Edit Hosts
  6. Select a Hostname
  7. Type in your system's ethernet MAC address.
  8. Click Register
  9. Verify the device you registered appears in the "Devices Owned by" list.

NOTE: All personal systems registered on the campus network should use '' as part of the host name.