Password Management Tools

Missouri S&T has updated its password management system to a more secure system. This new system uses two-factor authentication to verify your identity to log in to services, such as myHR, and to manage your account's password.

Password Resets for Resource Accounts

A resource account is an account with or without a mailbox, which is not necessarily tied to an individual, but to a group of people for a specific function, such as a particular resource for scheduling purposes. Resource accounts may have calendar information shared, or have delegated access assigned to users for a shared mailbox.

To reset the password on a resource account, the sponsor of the resource account can log into the Authoritative Identity Management System and select Sponsored Accounts Management.

Services Using University Password

Keep in mind that once you change your university password, you will need to use the new password for any of the following services:

  • Email
  • Secure Shell (SSH) logins to campus Unix/Linux machines
  • Logins for campus Windows computers.
  • Wireless network access on campus
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to campus resources
  • The UM System web apps
  • PeopleSoft applications
  • The S&T Help Desk Ticket System
  • Other UM/Missouri S&T resources that require you to authenticate using your S&T account.