Campus Wiring Closet Security Policy

Campus wiring closets and all cable demarcation points will be physically secured. Telephony connections and equipment--including all Voice-over Internet Protocol networking and equipment--are considered to be part of the campus safety and emergency systems and will be protected accordingly. Access to the previously mentioned equipment is restricted to authorized IT personnel only.

Emergency Classification

911 service requires that a database is maintained of the location of each specific phone number within a specified distance. If closets or connections in the closets cannot be secured to prevent the connections from being moved by unauthorized personnel, the accuracy of the 911 location database cannot be maintained. In a life-threatening situation, this could increase response time by emergency personnel and potentially could expose the University to significant legal liability.

Physical Requirements of Wiring Closets

Areas where active telephony equipment is located will remain clean to protect the equipment and connections. Risk issues such as combustibles stored in the closet, inadequate environmental controls, unnecessary storage of materials, etc., is to be minimized. Environmental sensors are to be installed where recognized threats exist.

Authorized Personnel

Only personnel authorized by the Director of Networks and Computing Systems or the Manager of Network Services, may modify connections, install/remove equipment, etc. All other access to the equipment and connections is restricted. Where appropriate, security devices will be installed to maintain the integrity of the telephony equipment.

Wiring Closet Usage

Areas where telephony or networking equipment is co-located with other University functions (dual purpose closets) should be eliminated. This will prevent deliberate or accidental interruption of service to telephone/Voice-over Internet Protocol systems. In areas where dual purpose closets cannot be fully eliminated, physical separation of equipment will be installed to prevent deliberate or accidental disruption to any service. The equipment will be enclosed and locked if possible. Video surveillance will be installed where necessary.

Disciplinary Action

Violations to this policy are subject to disciplinary action under the University of Missouri Human Resources policies.


Wiring Closet Checklist (subject to change without notice--check here for the latest checklist)


Note: All IT policies and procedures are subject to annual review.