Wireless Network Spectrum Usage Policy

The wireless network utilizes an unlicensed radio frequency. This can create interference and connection problems in places where the wireless network is installed. To protect the spectrum and ensure the availability of the wireless spectrum, in locations that are a physical part of the campus, any devices causing interference or connection problems to the network will be modified or removed by the owner to mitigate the interference.

Wireless Spectrum

The current wireless network utilizes the unlicensed 2.4 Ghz radio band. With the rapid deployment of other consumer electronics that utilize this radio band, there is a high risk of interference, connection and functionality problems with the campus wireless network. Any device that is found to be in competition with the wireless network and is located on the University property will either need to operate on another channel within the band, be shielded to remove interference, or in the case of residential halls, removed from the vicinity of the wireless network. This policy does not apply to any property leased to individuals or organizations by Missouri S&T in which the University has granted "Exclusive Use" to the lessee. It also does not apply to access points operated from outside the bounds of the University property. Information Technology (IT) will work with individuals and departments to reach a working solution if the competing devices are required for educational or research purposes.

Use of Competing Wireless Devices

The use of competing wireless networking devices (such as bridges, access points and repeaters) on the network that are not installed by IT require the approval of the Director of Networks and Computing Systems. Careful planning must be implemented in all locations where the campus wireless exists or is planned for installation at a later date. There are very specific requirements to ensure the wireless access points operate on the network in a secure and stable fashion, and IT must be involved for configuration requirements on any such installation. This restriction does not apply to the use of wireless network controllers or adapters that are used to connect client computing devices to the campus Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This restriction does apply if the controller is being used to provide services that serve as a bridge, access point, or repeater.

Actions which could result from misuse:

Misuse of University computing facilities will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The users subject to charges of misuse will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the laws of the state of Missouri, the policies of the University of Missouri and the Bylaws of the Missouri S&T General Faculty. The Chief Information Officer is responsible for making these misuses known to the appropriate University administrators. The Chief Information Officer may impose temporary restrictions on the offender's computer access in order to ensure that the network remains stable and secure for all University users.


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Note: All IT policies and procedures are subject to annual review.