Remote Connection Services Usage Policy

The campus Virtual Private Network connections (henceforth referred to as "remote connection services") are provided as a service by Information Technology (IT) to all faculty, staff, students and authorized guests. The use of this service is intended to allow remote access into the campus network for the purpose of achieving the goals of the University's educational and research mission. When a system connects to the network by utilizing remote connection services, it becomes an extension of the campus and is subject to the same policies (where applicable) as any directly attached system. The use of remote connection services to bridge the campus network with any other network is prohibited. Allowing entities not affiliated with the University and the use of individual credentials to authenticate through remote connection services is also prohibited.

Remote Connection Services

The Virtual Privacy Network services provide a means for remote secure access into the campus network. Through this service your system becomes an extension of the campus network. As such, it is subject to all the laws and policies that apply to any directly attached system. When using remote connection services, a system will be allowed access to all resources that are provided to University systems only. Additionally, restrictions may apply in certain circumstances. These services are maintained as a best effort and are not guaranteed.

Protect University Credentials

You are not permitted to share your University of Missouri/Missouri S&T credentials (Single Sign-on username and passwords) with any person or persons for any reason. If you share your credentials with other entities so they can access the campus network through the remote connection services, they have full access to your account/e-mail and have the same access rights as you do. An account will be considered compromised if it is discovered being used by anyone other than its owner. Compromised accounts are subject to immediate deactivation and will be reported to the Director of Networks and Computing Systems and processed accordingly.

Bridge to Foreign Networks

It is not permitted to "bridge" or connect a system using remote connection services to another foreign network. Systems using remote connection services are allowed to be connected to another network, but routing of traffic past the connecting system is prohibited. Bridging to another network can cause serious stability problems to the campus network and it violates University of Missouri and University policies relating to providing services to other entities.

System Updates

All systems using the remote connection services are required to be kept updated with current security-related patches. Due to the increased vulnerability of external systems, any system found to be lacking proper security patches or which is causing problems due to inadequate local security procedures will be denied access to the remote connection services. Since this service is based on credentials to authenticate, the credentials in use at the time the security violation is encountered will be denied access, even though this may deny access to other properly working systems.

Actions which could affect the user:

Misuse of University computing facilities will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The users subject to charges of misuse will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the laws of the state of Missouri, the policies of the University of Missouri and the Bylaws of the Missouri S&T General Faculty. The Chief Information Officer is responsible for making these misuses known to the appropriate University administrators. The Chief Information Officer may impose temporary restrictions on the offender's computer access in order to ensure that the network remains stable and secure for all University users.


Note: All IT policies and procedures are subject to annual review.