Unregistered Network Device - Faculty and Staff

Missouri S&T Information Technology coordinates with each department to determine computing needs for individual faculty and staff members. Computers issued to faculty and staff members through Missouri S&T IT are already configured to operate on the campus network.

However, many faculty and staff choose to use a personal laptop or purchase additional computing resources for research purposes. In such cases, those individuals will need to register their network device with Missouri S&T IT in order to access the campus network and the Internet.

Missouri S&T allows a number of network-capable devices to access Missouri S&T's network. However, you should be aware the Missouri S&T has a few Policies in place in order to maximize the overall campus information security. Most network-capable devices can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Desktop systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc.)
  • Laptop systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc.)
    • Missouri S&T supports 802.11b/g wireless protocols. In addition, Missouri S&T requests that you configure your wireless-capable laptop to use the 802.1x security protocol in order to connect to the campus wireless network.
  • PDAs (including those integrated with cellular phones)
  • Wireless access points
    • Missouri S&T strongly discourages faculty or staff from installing their own wireless access points across campus. Missouri S&T IT is working to implement more wireless access points over time.
    • Unauthorized wireless access points operating on the campus network are subject to immediate termination from the network.
  • Routers
    • Faculty or staff members who need additional network capability should contact Missouri S&T IT for assistance.
  • Other devices not specified here created by advances in technology -- This category includes anything not already enumerated or even those not yet envisioned.

Registering a network-capable device is a two-step process:

  1. Determine your device's hardware address. This will vary depending on the device. However, the most common devices are laptop and desktop computer systems.
    • View Current Connection Information -- This application attempts to find the hardware address of the machine you are using (valid Missouri S&T authentication required)
    • Contact Missouri S&T IT if you are unsure how to determine your device's network address. Solutions Center analysts will be happy to assist.
  2. Register your device using a handy web form.
    • Visit https://netdb.apps.mst.edu
    • You will need to have a valid Missouri S&T username and password. If you are a new student, you may need to activate your student account before you are able to register your network device.
    • Under "Host Registration and Status Tools", click Register desktop and laptop systems.
    • Enter your Missouri S&T username and click Edit Hosts.
    • By default, Missouri S&T assigns a hostname to your device based on your username. In most cases, the hostname takes the form: r##username.desktop.mst.edu, where ## is a number between 01 and 99. You may choose which number to use from a dropdown list.
    • Enter in the hardware (Ethernet) address found in step 1 above for the device and click Register.
    • You are done!

Multiple Devices

Faculty and staff with multiple devices will need to repeat this process for each device. Multiple desktop or laptop systems are often used for research or travel purposes. All non-Missouri S&T IT-issued devices must be registered on Missouri S&T's network.