Guidelines for Mobile Phone Use

Note on personal use of University-provided Phones/Services

Personal use of University-provided phones/services is discouraged.  It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff to identify personal calls on each billing statement, and to submit reimbursements to the University within 30 days of the receipt of the bill.  Departments should deposit the reimbursements through the Cash Receipts Report as a reduction of expense using the same PeopleSoft account used to record the phone's monthly expense.

On an annual basis, personal use may not exceed 15% of the total minutes used.  Departments are free to set lower limits or prohibit personal use altogether.  When the department determines there has been an excessive personal use, the service should be canceled and the equipment returned to the department. The faculty or staff may still obtain a personal phone at their own expense and with administrative approval, seek reimbursement from the University for business use of that phone.

Note: Federal regulations prohibit the use of grant-funded wireless phones for personal calls.

University-provided Phone/Service vs. Faculty and staff-provided Phone/Service 

  • University-provided Phone/Service
    • The University acquires the cellular/wireless phone/service and assigns the phone to a specific individual
    • Non-University business call are limited to 15% of total usage on an annual basis
    • The individual receiving the phone must sign an agreement concerning phone/service usage
    • The individual must agree to reimburse the university for any personal usage of the phone/service
    • Upon termination, the faculty or staff must return the phone and repay any unpaid personal use that has been incurred
  • Faculty and staff-provided Phone/Service
    • As a condition of employment, the faculty or staff obtains the cellular/wireless phone/service and makes the phone number available for calls from the University
    • Faculty and staff may request reimbursement for business use of the phone
    • Reimbursement for business calls from a personal phone may not exceed 90% of the total plan cost
    • If business usage totals more than 90% of the total cost, the faculty or staff should use a University-provided Phone/Service
    • Reimbursements must be appropriate, reasonable, and approved by the faculty's or staff's administrative superior

Guidelines for divisions wishing to obtain University-provided Phones/Services

  • A department may wish to attain phone/service for an individual if there is a "business need" for the device/service.  Examples include:
    • Frequent business traveling characterized by extended period away from their office
    • A need for others to communicate with the faculty or staff about University business while they are away from their office
    • A need for for the faculty or staff to communicate with other about University business while they are away from their office
    • The faculty or staff supports or is otherwise responsible for programs, services or systems that necessitate frequent and immediate communications throughout the day or after-hours
  • Deans, Directors, and department chairs are ultimately responsible for the use of wireless phones/services.  IT recommends that one individual be assigned to oversee commercial wireless services.  Responsibilities include:
    • Make the initial recommendation on whether a phone is provided to faculty or staff and on what basis
    • Work with IT to size the calling plan and select appropriate services based on business use
    • Monitor usage on a regular basis for policy compliance, continued business need and appropriate use
    • At least annually, review existing plans to ensure they are needed and represent the best available plan given the business use
    • Ensure that when faculty or staff change departments or leave the University, all equipment (including chargers, extra batteries, hands-free devices, etc.) is returned and that service is cancelled, transferred to another faculty or staff or transferred to another department.