Secure File Transfer Protocol Clients


WS_FTP, previously the client of choice for the network, does not encrypt credential information before transmitting the data over the Web. Therefore, IT will no longer support WS_FTP or any other unsecure File Transfer Protocol client. The alternative is to use WinSCP, which does create a secure File Transfer Protocol connection to the University network. WinSCP also has the added advantage of being compatible with PuTTY, which is used to create a secure connection to the UNIX machines.

WinSCP has all the functionality of WS_FTP and can be configured to behave in a very similar fashion for users who are used to using WS_FTP for transferring files to the University network. WinSCP can also be configured to behave like Windows Explorer.

Note that if you select the ZIP format, you will first have to un-compress the file in order to run it. There are two versions of the executable file. One is a simple executable and needs no installation wizard. Simply double-click on the file once you have saved it and you can begin using WinSCP. The other contains an installation wizard which will guide you through the process of saving the files in whatever location you choose.


Information Technology supports Cyberduck, an open source secure File Transfer Protocol for many Mac OS X systems. Although Mac OS X comes with a built-in secure File Transfer Protocol application, it is only available through the command line interface. Cyberduck provides a Graphical User Interface for easier use.


  • Protocols: File Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol/Transport Layer Security, Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • International support in numerous languages
  • Seamless integration with external editors (such as SubEthaEdit, BBEdit, TextWrangler, and many, many more)
  • Open Source license under the General Public License
  • Bookmarking
  • History of visited servers
  • AppleScript integration
  • Keychain storage of passwords
  • Synchronization with remote directories
  • Secure Shell support
  • Secure Copy capability

The Cyberduck client and documentation for installing/configuring the client can be found at the links below:

  • Download Cyberduck
    • Click Download to download the latest version of the software.
    • The Secure File Transfer Protocol server is
  • Connecting with Cyberduck

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