Residence Hall, Fraternity and Sorority Usage Restrictions

No inbound Transmission Control Protocol connections are allowed from off-campus locations. No inbound User Datagram Protocol connections to ports less than 1024 are allowed from off-campus locations.

Full access to campus and Internet services are allowed with the following exceptions:

  • Insecure protocols such as NFS, TFTP, RLOGIN, are disabled to all locations.

  • Netbios is ONLY allowed to Information Technology, SAMBA services, and between residence hall networks.

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol mail must be relayed through the relay host Mail exchanger Domain Name System records are in place to allow Simple Mail Transfer Protocol messages from off-campus to be relayed back to residence hall systems via No facilities are available to forward mail that is sent directly to a residence hall system.

  • Network Time Protocol time synchronization protocol must be done using the campus clocks. These Network Time Protocol clock servers are synchronized with the GPS satellites.

  • Use of systems as servers to the Internet is not permitted. WWW, File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and other data hosting services should be done using the servers provided by Information Technology when appropriate.

  • TALK/NTALK protocols will not operate as it requires unrestricted inbound and output Transmission Control Protocol port access in addition to User Datagram Protocol ports 517/518. This service is available on the campus general purpose systems.

  • Any protocol that requires inbound Transmission Control Protocol port access. This includes any talk program or phone program.