Email Forwarding Policy

IT would like to remind all students, faculty and staff that pulling email into another email server not managed by the University (email forwarding) is not a recommended practice.  Although some customers are able to configure their email settings to do so, the IT Help Desk does not offer support and troubleshooting for email forwarding and cannot be responsible for problems created by changing email settings on an account outside the University email system. 

If you currently use email forwarding, please be aware that doing so carries the following risks:

  • Email is the official communications channel between the University and students. IT cannot guarantee delivery to mailboxes that reside outside our email server.
  • IT is not responsible for email forwarding settings, changes and user errors on email systems outside the University email server. Our Help Desk will not troubleshoot on email systems not managed by the University.
  • When you forward email, you only send a copy to a third-party address. Not checking your email regularly could mean your email Inbox fills up and your mailbox stops delivering mail, even if you're deleting the mail from the Inbox where you forward it.  Please make sure you periodically log in to Miner Mail and delete old emails.

If the auto-forwarding of your email is necessary for university business, please email to reduce the impact of this change.

For more information, please view the University of Missouri System Computing and Network Acceptable Use Policy.