Configure Eduroam Wireless


  1. Go to Start/Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center and click on Manage wireless networks in the left column.
  2. Then Click Add to add a wireless network.
  3. Select Manual connect to a wireless network.
  4. The network name is eduroam
  5. Under security type, select WPA2-Enterprise
  6. For the encryption type, select AES
  7. Leave the Security Key field blank.
  8. Check the "Start this connection automatically" box.
  9. Click Next.
  10. This should give you a display reading "Successfully added to eduroam". Click on Change connection settings.
  11. Make sure that "Connect automatically when this network is in range" is checked, then click the Security tab.
  12. Make sure the information reads as following.
  13. The security type is WPA2-Enterprise
  14. The encryption type is AES
  15. Under network authentication method, choose Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)
  16. Check the "Remember my credentials for this connection each time I'm logged on" box.
  17. Click Settings next to the network authentication network box.
  18. Make sure that the "Validate server certificate" box is checked. No other boxes under the "When connecting" heading should be checked.
  19. Under "Select Authentication Method", choose "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)" and check the "Enable Fast Reconnect" box. Then click Configure.
  20. Uncheck the "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)" box. This is very important.
  21. Continue to click all OK buttons until you are back at a box reading "eduroam Wireless Network Properties." This time, click Advanced Settings.
  22. Check the "Specify authentication mode" box, and in the drop down box choose "User Authentication". Click OK.
  23. Enter your S&T username followed by "" and your password.
  24. Click OK. You should now be able to join Eduroam.

If you are having trouble with these instructions, please click the following link for a PDF with pictures illustrating the process: Connect to Eduroam Tutorial