UM-AD Migration

As part of the System-wide Active Directory consolidation, univeristy accounts will be moved to a shared UM domain. The biggest change you may experience is the way you authenticate to access university email on mobile devices and log in to University workstations and applications. 

Student accounts are scheduled to be moved to the shared domain starting May 22nd through May 24th.

  • If your username starts with A-E, your account will be moved on May 22, 2019
  • If your username starts with F-M, your account will be moved on May 23, 2019
  • If your username starts with N-Z, your account will be moved on May 24, 2019

Faculty and Staff accounts are scheduled to be moved to the shared domain on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. 

The instructions below will walk you through how to prepare for the move, and answer common questions about the move:

Before your account is moved

At the end of your business day:

1. Clear your browser Cache.

2. Logoff of your computer.


After your account is moved

Follow the steps, according to your operating system, to sign into your computer:

  1. Reboot your computer

  2. Select Other User under your username in the bottom left corner

  3. Enter your <username>

  4. Enter your password

  1. Reboot your computer

  2. Select Switch User 

  3. Click on Other User

  4. Enter your <username>

  5. Enter your password

  1. Reboot your computer

  2. Enter your <username>

  3. Enter your password

Mobile Device Self Help

The system move will also affect your personal mobile devices. If you connect to campus Wifi or use your university email on your device you will need to follow the steps below after the move.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My Outlook client continues to prompt for authentication even though I have rebooted or logged off my workstation.  What should I do next?

A: Follow these steps

  1. Close out of all email clients, including Outlook and Skype for Business\Lync.

  2. Relaunch Outlook and provide your username and password if prompted.   Allow Outlook to update all of its settings.

  3. If Outlook continues to fail, can you successfully log in to OWA or Webmail?  If OWA or Webmail works, then the username and Mailbox are working as expected.

  4. Contact the IT Help Desk if OWA works, to have the Outlook profile repaired or rebuilt.


Q: My Mobile device no longer synchronizes email using ActiveSync or the Outlook Mobile app.

A: If you have S&T email on your mobile device, you will have to update that account using Depending on your mobile device / mail application, you may be required to remove the account and re-add it. 

Q: What is the new username format for all migrated accounts? 

A: The new format will be UM-AD\username


Q:  What will my username be for Applications that are protected by Shibboleth or SecureAuth?  Examples would include applications like Cherwell, MyLearn, MyHR, Canvas, and PeopleSoft Finance, VPN etc.

A: For Shibboleth or SecureAuth based applications, UserName will only be needed to login.  Domain suffixes will be assigned automatically for all users.


Q: Will my password change as part of the migration?

A: No, your password will NOT change.


Q: Will my Primary Email address change as part of the migration?

A: No, your primary or vanity email address will NOT change as part of the migration.  


Note: All users will receive an additional email address, but it will not become your primary email address.

Q: How do I sign in when mapping a nework drive on MacOS?

A: On MacOS you will need to use UM-AD\<username> and your password to sign in. <username> will not work.


For other instructions on how to map network drives, see this guide: Access Network Data

Q: How do I sign into a Linux machine once my account is moved?

A: Follow these steps 

  1. Enter UM-AD\<username>.

  2. Enter your password.

  3. If this does not work, the shell may need you to type the backslash twice. Try UM-AD\\<username> instead.

  4. If neither of these methods work, your system may need to be upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04.


If you experience any problems contact the Help Desk at (573)341-4357, or submit a ticket online at