MST Network Access

To connect to the MST network, we require that your operating system and anti-virus is up to date. Instructions on how to manually update your operating system can be found at:

Update Windows

Update Windows Defender

Update macOS


Complete the following steps to access the MST network:

  1. First, click the Network icon on the far right-hand side of your taskbar. 
  2. When the available networks window opens, select the network named “MST” and click Connect. Go ahead and sign in with your S&T username and password.
  3. After connecting to “MST”, open Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer and you will be redirected to the page that will ask you to install the Policy Key.
  4. Download the Policy Key to proceed with the next step. 
  5. Note: If you choose not to accept the policy, you will not be granted network access.
  6. After accepting the policy, you will be prompted to Run the “ServiceInstaller.exe”. (Some browsers may require you Save or Keep the file before running.)
  7. Next, click the Install button on the Policy Key Setup prompt. A confirmation message will pop up informing you the Policy Key has been installed.
  8. Click OK and you have successfully connected to the S&T Wireless Network.

    Note:  Sometimes this process needs to be repeated once more in order for it to actually take effect.