All trainees must make a reservation with IT Web Support through Cherwell. In this reservation, you must include who will be attending, which 2-hour session, and the department for which you will be receiving training.

 Only one 2-hour training session is necessary. 

For Faculty: If you'd like TERMINALFOUR training, simply request training via Cherwell.

For Students: TERMINALFOUR training is only provided for students who have been granted permission by a specific department on campus to complete training. For a student to receive training:

  1. A department faculty needs to submit a ticket on Cherwell requesting which student(s) he/she would like to be trained.
  2. Web Support will then contact the student (likely via email) to inform the student of when and where upcoming training sessions will be held. 
  3. The student should then reply to Web Support to inform them of which session he/she plans on attending. 

In-Person Training

Upcoming training sessions:

  • February 13 (Wednesday) and 27 (Wednesday)
  • Wednesday trainings are from 1 - 3 pm
  • Thursday trainings are from 12 - 2 pm




Online Training

Online training is an alternative to in-person training for users who are unable to attend an in-person session. The online training consists of users reading through TERMINALFOUR tutorials and creating a webpage that utilizes key features and content types. Upon completion of the webpage, the user must submit a link to the webpage for Web Support to review. We would recommend an in-person training if possible.

Before the user can start training, he/she must be provided access to the site that he/she will be working on by requesting access via Cherwell. If the user is a student, a faculty or staff within the department of the site the student will be working on will need to request that Web Support provides site access to the student. After access is granted, Web Support will instruct the user on what standards the webpage must meet in order to pass the training. 

The webpage must include the following:

  • Two column body content
  • Uploaded image
  • Cropped version of the uploaded image
  • Resized version of the uploaded image
  • Heading
  • Title (browser tab)
  • Section link
  • External link
  • Anchor link
  • Another Content type of your choice

Again, upon completion of the training webpage, the user must email Web Support a link to the webpage to confirm that it meets standards.