TelePresence Conference Center

Curtis Laws Wilson Library, Room 201A,  Seats 18 people
Normal Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm CDT

The state-of-the-art teleconferencing center was made possible due to generous contributions from former UM System President Gary Forsee, CISCO and AT&T.  The TelePresence is available for the S&T community at no cost.

To make a reservation within the UM System:

The Outlook Calendar allows the user to check the availability of the UM System TelePresence rooms and to invite the meeting participants.  Please follow these instructions for scheduling the TelePresence Room.


To participate in a TelePresence Conference:

Groups or individuals may participate in TelePresence meetings.  Please follow these guidelines for proper use and ettiquette while utilizing the room.  A quick reference guide can be found next to the conference phone console.


To communicate with groups outside of the UM System:

The TelePresence center can communicate with any other CISCO TelePresence system at companies, universities, etc.  A five day notice is required for calls outside the UM System.  A complete list of outside agencies is on the MOREnet website.  To schedule a meeting with an outside agency, please follow the instructions on the MOREnet TelePresence scheduling page.  To contact MOREnet, please call (573) 884-6986 or email at