Antivirus Software

Information Technology (IT) is strongly committed to providing all University students, faculty, and staff with a safe, stable, virus-free computing environment.  You can help keep your computer and your data safe by following "safe practices" for browsing the Web. We load Microsoft Forefront on all University owned computers and recommend free, Microsoft Security Essentials protection to faculty, staff, and students for home and personal computer use.  This is part of an ongoing effort to provide a secure network environment to the campus community.

Campus computers are automatically updated with patches and security updates.  It is important to make sure to check regularly for updates if you're running an antivirus or anti-malware program on your computer.  Most antivirus software packages give you the option to automatically check for updates and download them.  If you have this option turned on, you won't have to worry about remembering to look for the most recent version of your antivirus software.

Caution: Microsoft Security Essentials is not compatible with other antivirus software. Uninstall other antivirus software before installing Microsoft Security Essentials.

Downloading Microsoft Security Essentials:

Norton Antivirus Update Page:

IT does not support or distribute Norton Antivirus, but if you have it installed on your machine and need updated virus definitions, please go to the following link:

Additional Downloads:



  • Microsoft Service Pack Center Icon indicated a new window/tab will be opened by pressing link -- Ensure that your version of Windows is up-to-date. Service packs include numerous security updates. If your device is disconnected from the network by IT Security due to an infected system, it will not be allowed back onto the network until verified that your system is "clean" as well as fully patched.

Do you have a concern regarding computing security on Campus?

The Missouri S&T Campus Security Task Force consists of faculty and students focused on working as a sounding board for computing security issues.  Email concerns or questions to the Campus Security Task Force.

As always, IT is more than happy to handle any technical details regarding your security questions or concerns. You can submit a Help Desk Ticket Indicates that you will be directed to an external site by clicking on the link. or contact the IT Help Desk at 573-341-4357 (HELP).