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 We are available Monday through Friday by email at and by phone at (573) 341-4526.

For immediate assistance accessing live course content, call our emergency line: (573) 341-6476. This line is reserved for support of our live course delivery. If your problem isn't immediately preventing you from attending class live, please reach us at our general contact information; email: phone: (573) 341-4526.   573-341-4526

Requesting Support from IT Media Services from IT Help Desk

When submitting a ticket through the IT Help Desk, you can request that the ticket be passed to IT Media Services specifically.

  • First Log in to the IT Help Desk with your S&T credentials
  • Navigate to Service Catalog > Technology Support > Media Services
  • Provide as much information as possible to help us assist you
  • A technician will get in touch within 24 hours

IT Help Desk

New and returning faculty

Information and tutorials made for faculty teaching distance courses can be found on our Faculty Resource page.

Faculty Resources

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Student Questions

Quick and easy answers to some common problems our students face

Get in contact with ITMS for any of the following issues:

  • Difficulty accessing live or recorded class sessions
  • Missing class recordings
  • Audio or video problems with a class that make viewing difficult either live or recorded

For other support requests, visit the IT Help Desk. If you aren't sure ITMS can help with your issue, reach out to us! Even if we can't help directly we can point you in the right direction.

You can find your access to live and recorded distance courses by logging in to MediaSpace (you can also find it on the banner on our homepage). You will get a prompt to log in with your S&T credentials. Once inside MediaSpace you will find a list of all your distance courses with the access links to Panopto and/or the Zoom meeting.

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In MediaSpace's Visitor Center channel you will find a Live Test button. When available* this will take you to a test class in Zoom where you can test your video and audio equipment. In the test class a media producer will be available to help you troubleshoot your equipment and help you understand the functionality provided by Zoom.

Tips for the connection test:

  • Once you have connected to the meeting you will be prompted to join the audio connection.
  • For a VoIP connection: Select Join by Computer. Alternatively select Test Computer Audio to be taken to your audio settings to select your mic/speaker. Audio is not broadcast from this menu.
  • For a teleconference connection: Select Join by Phone. A dialog box will prompt you for what country you are calling from and give you the number to dial. On the phone you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID, followed by your Participant ID. If you skip the Participant ID you will not be able to mute/unmute your own audio!

*This test class is openly available during the week before a semester begins and available for scheduling at any other time. Contact to book a time that works for you.

Log in to MediaSpace

Some courses will require students to work in groups and meet outside of class time. Here are some options available to you. Please note that IT Media Services does not provide support for these services. You are ultimately responsible for managing your group communications. There are services beyond what is listed here that you can use, so feel free to use whatever works for you and your group!

  • Zoom - Offers free meetings, time limited to 40 minutes for individual sessions. Zoom Pro accounts can be purchased thru the IT Help Desk
  • Conferences in Canvas
  • Skype - free video and audio tool for virtual meetings

Beginning of Live Lecture
The beginning of the lecture will have a view of the podium camera. The professor may be at the poduim, however they may not have started class. This will continue until your professor is ready to start class.

During class, you can contact the IT Media producer directly by using the chat feature within Zoom. The producer will be monitoring the chat while class is live. Not all faculty choose to use the chat function.

Recording Class Live
Class is recorded as it is happening. The professor and on-campus students have microphones so you can hear their questions and conversations. If you are not hearing the on-campus student's questions, let IT Media Services know. Using Zoom's chat is the most immediate way to contact the producer in this situation.

Downloading Videos
By default, course recordings are not downloadable.If you would like to download class lectures, you will need to get permission from your professor.

In panopto you may have noticed that your recorded class lectures have some weird names, Elec Eng 5001 ianf SP19 on 1/22/2019 (Tue). Here's a break down of what it means:

Elec Eng 5001 ianf SP19 1/22/2019 (Tue)
Department Course number Professor's name Semester/Year Date Day of week