Students - Access your Online File Storage (SkyDrive)

Windows Live SkyDrive is a service that is included with your Missouri S&T Windows Live account ( SkyDrive allows you to store files on an off-site server (much like your "S" drive on campus). SkyDrive is useful for storing important documents that you use often on many different computers, sharing documents with others, and backing-up important documents to protect them in case of hardware failure.

How do I use SkyDrive?

SkyDrive will feel familiar to anyone who is comfortable browsing for documents on a Windows PC. When you log into SkyDrive for the first time, by going to Icon indicated a new window/tab will be opened by pressing link, you will see that you already have four Folders set up by default (My Documents, Public, Favorites, Shared Favorites) you will also have a link to set up a folder for Photos.

Add files to SkyDrive

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer you can choose to download the "Upload Tool" that will make document uploading faster and easier. In any browser you can click Add Files from the SkyDrive landing page or from inside of a particular folder. If you select Add Files from the landing page you will first be asked to pick a destination folder.
  2. Once you are have selected a folder you will see five spaces to fill in file information. By clicking Browse you can select local files on your computer to upload to SkyDrive (up to five at one time). Note: if you are using Internet Explorer you will see a yellow bar above the upload fields prompting you to install the "Upload Tool" at this time.
  3. SkyDrive will allow you (just like the Windows operating system) to save just about any kind of file you can think of.  However, if you use Microsoft Word 2007 and you are sharing documents with someone using a less recent edition of Microsoft Word that does not support the .docx format, they will not be able to view the files even though you will be able to upload them.  Keep this in mind when saving files to your SkyDrive.
  4. When you are finished selecting files to upload (or have reached the five file maximum) click Upload below the text fields. While your files are uploading you will see a page warning not to leave the page. Please do not leave the page until your files have finished uploading. Leaving the page could cause the files to get corrupted or the files could just not get uploaded at all.
  5. As soon as the upload is complete, you should see the folder you just uploaded your files into and if the upload was successful you will see the file(s) you selected now inside of a folder on your SkyDrive.

Change folder sharing settings

  1. Select a folder (such as My Documents). Notice that by default My Documents is shared with "just me" and Public is shared with "Everyone". Also note that the sharing setting for Public cannot be altered. Any files you put in your Public folder will be available to "Everyone".
  2. Once you are viewing the folder you wish to change sharing settings for, click on the blue link next to "Shared with: " at the bottom of the file preview pane. In My Documents this link will say "Just me". From the Permissions page select Edit permissions near the top of the page.
  3. Now you should be viewing the Edit permissions page. From here you can change sharing settings using one of three possible methods.
    • Public and networks: this method allows you to quickly and easily share your folder with "Everyone" or "My Network" by simply clicking a button. By choosing "Everyone", anyone with a Windows Live account will be able to view and download your SkyDrive files contained in this particular folder. This option is more likely to be chosen when sharing pictures than documents. Also remember that the Public folder is set up to be available to "Everyone" automatically. By choosing "My Network" everyone inside of the domain will be able to view and download your SkyDrive files contained in this particular folder.
    • Categories: this method allows you to quickly select categories that you have previously created from your Windows Live contacts. These categories (if you have created any) will consist of contact information and names for Windows Live users. By selecting one of these categories you will give everyone in that particular category the ability to write and download your SkyDrive files contained in this particular folder.
    • Individuals: this method offers the most flexibility. You can enter individual Email addresses of users who you wish to grant access to your files one-by-one without having to set up Windows Live contact categories. You can also click Select from your contact list to pick individual users that you may have added to your contacts inside of Outlook Live. The easiest way to allow someone to view and download your files in this particular folder is to type the Email address of the user with which you wish to share your files then hit the enter key. You should now have a drop-down menu of permissions that you can grant to each user individually. After you have added an Email address you can simply enter another one until you are satisfied with your file permissions.
  4. Once you are done editing permissions click Save. You will be prompted to "Send a notification" to any users you may granted file permissions. This is because anyone you may have added will not automatically know that you have granted them permissions. If you wish to let someone know that you are sharing files with them, you should probably send them a message saying so. If you do not feel like sending a notification click Skip this. Otherwise click Send when you are finished composing your message.
  5. You should now be viewing the folder home page. Your sharing settings (located at the bottom of the file pane) should have been updated.