Google Groups

You must activate your Google Apps account before being able to use the Google Groups feature. To activate, go to How to Set Up Your Missouri S&T Student Gmail Account.

Create Google Group

  1. From the main Google Apps page, click Groups
  2. Click the Create a group… button
  3. Specify the Name of your group as well as the email address of the group.   The new Group email will have -grp appended. Example:
    • Group Description:  Short basic description of the group seen by members, and others allowed access to your group page.
    • Access level:  Allows you to make your list as open or as restricted as you would like.  We recommend “Restricted” (only members have the ability to send to the group and access to the group pages).
  4. Click Create my group

Invite or add members to your group 

  1. With Google Groups, you have two options for adding members:
    1. Invite members by email – enter email addresses  Type a message explaining your group to those receiving the invitation. 
    2. Add member directly – this allows you to enter members without waiting for them to accept the invitation. Be sure to include a welcome message describing your group.
  2. Choose option for group email:
  • No Email – Members will have to log into Google Groups to read message and participate in the group.
  • Send an email for each message and update – Members will receive an email every time a message or update is posted to the group
  • One Summary email a day – Members will get one email at the end of the day summarizing what messages were sent or posted to the group during that day.
  • One email with all activity in it- members will get one email at the end of the day with a full copy of all messages and updates from that day in the single email.

Accept Google Group Invitation

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Groups from top menu bar
  3. Click Accept Invitation
  4. Set a nickname for the group and decide how often you want to receive messages from this group.
  5. Click Accept Invitation, and you will be directed to the Group’s individual web location.