Desktop Enhancement Program

The Desktop Enhancement program is designed to provide the best possible computing solutions for all university faculty and staff through a four-year computer replacement cycle. Under the terms of this program, each full-time (100% FTE) faculty and staff member will receive a new, replacement computer every four years. The program, which applies to both academic and administrative departments, is managed and implemented by the Information Technology (IT) department with input from key administrators, faculty, and staff.


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Who is eligible for a new computer through the DE program?

Each (100%) full-time, benefit-eligible, faculty and staff member can get a new computer if their existing computer is more than four years old. Resulting from this rule, and available funds, roughly one fourth of full-time employees will receive a new computer within a given fiscal year; this is called the DE cycle.

How does the DE cycle work?

  1. IT, and representatives from each department, work together to identify the computers in each department that are eligible for replacement in a given year.
  2. Department is notified, and given the targeted replacement list for the respective fiscal year.
  3. Department reviews, and makes changes as necessary.
  4. Department returns the list to IT communicating any changes made.
  5. IT will handle all technology purchasing for the DE program.

Departments have the freedom to rearrange their respective computer replacement schedules within the intent, scope, and constraints of this program.

New computers will be purchased and installed by IT throughout the fiscal year.  DE computers four years old will be replaced within the fiscal year, but not on the exact four year anniversary of their installation.

How many computers can I get?

The DE program provides ONE computer per full-time faculty or staff. If more than one computer is necessary, the cost of the additional computer(s) is to be handled by the requesting department.

Do I pick the computer I get?

Yes you may pick from preconfigured computers and the options for your computer, but with some stipulations:

  • You will choose from the options provided on the DE web-app
  • Your departmental representative must approve all additional fees associated with your options

Departmental representatives will receive a meeting request via email when it is time for their department’s annual DE meeting.  A follow-up email after the meeting will provide a link to the DE web-app.  Only computers supported by IT may be selected as a DE computer.

What computers are available?

IT provides a list of computers and upgrade options to choose from.  The computers and options are derived from campus volume purchasing agreements for the DE program and computers models that have passed IT infrastructure support tests.  As a result IT has established standard configurations for desktops, laptops, tablets, and Macs.

Laptops are more expensive, therefore they are intended for faculty and staff who work away from campus much of the time or require a highly mobile work environment.

What computer will I need?

The computer and options necessary should be determined by what best fits your needs.  IT has established performance category configurations to choose from based on various computing needs, that specify:

  • Computing capacity
  • Storage capacity
  • Ability to execute required software
  • Interaction with campus infrastructure
  • Display size

Each department will identify the full-time faculty and staff who fit each configuration based on the needs and status of the current computer.  IT is available to help in determining which configuration best fits a faculty or staff member’s computing needs.

What if I need higher performance from my computer?

In a scenario where a standard configuration will not be adequate or efficient, IT has established a consultation process to identify more advanced computing needs. To initiate the process please submit an IT help request.  This process will identify upgrades that will enable you to perform your computing duties more effectively and efficiently.

All configuration upgrades take into account the capability of the computer and the computer's compatibility with required software and the campus network.  Upgrade costs paid by departments only cover a four-year use/lease of the upgraded equipment.

What if I want a custom configuration?

Each department can request variations from the standard configurations, but they are encouraged to do the following:

  • Use the standard configurations if possible
  • Stay within the VPA's IT uses or ask IT to extend the VPA's

Any additional hardware, software, and support costs associated with custom configurations will be borne by the requesting department. Academic departments are encouraged to utilize the Information Technology and Computing Committee (ITCC) of the Faculty Senate for adivce, recommendations, and representation.

Additionaly, each department must remember that all computers below minimum standards should be replaced and all computers must remain compatible with the campus computing infrastructure.

Can I keep my old computer when it is replaced as part of the DE cycle?

No, all hardware purchased as part of the DE program is the property of Missouri S&T and will be managed and maintained by IT.  This also means all hardware upgrades purchased as part of the DE program (e.g. larger displays, additional memory, etc.) must be returned to IT for redeployment.

What is the redeployment process?

All hardware returned to IT will be re-deployed by IT for part-time faculty and staff, graduate students, etc.  Departments who have need of a re-deploy computer should visit the redeploy page for more information.

What planning is involved in the DE process?

IT uses operating unit reports of full-time faculty and staff and the standard configurations when planning for the DE program.  Also,  IT has to account for changes in the standard configurations, based on vendor and market changes, and the changing requirements of the computing environments at Missouri S&T and UM system.  In some scenarios, IT may ask departments to share the costs of DE computers.

Special Notes

  • Any actions by a department that will require additional IT support costs (e.g. non-standard configurations) will be borne by that department.
  • Systems outside of faculty and staff normal usage (e.g. research-funded machines, machines packaged with instruments, etc.) are not covered by this program.  However, they should utilize the university’s VPA’s.
  • IT is committed to working with each department to maximize the cost benefits of any purchase that is not part of the DE program.