Supported Hardware

Computer hardware offered by IT is only available for purchase by S&T employees.

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there is a long lead time (up to 3 months) and an increase in price on all Dell machines and monitors. 

 All hardware returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee unless the equipment is damaged or defective. Damaged or defective equipment will be replaced at no cost.


Campus-Supported Hardware

There are specific brands and configurations that IT supports. We recommended staying with the listed brands and configurations so that you can get the support you need on your devices. Other brands are not supported and have service fees. See the comparisons between supported vs non-supported hardware below. 

Standard Hardware Pricing

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*Hardware prices are only available to S&T employees.

Supported vs. Non-Supported Hardware

Description of the benefits of supported hardware, as well as the drawbacks of non-supported hardware. Hardware fees for non-supported hardware are also listed, with a one-time fee of $50 an hour for initial configuration and $35 an hour for services and repairs on a break/fix basis.