Computer Standards

Minimum Computer Standards

To determine the support life cycle for your computer(s), please enter your computer model to search through the spreadsheet of computer models currently on campus. Once a computer model reaches its End Of Life (EOL), it will no longer be supported by campus IT. As we strive to make sure computers on campus are effective and secure, we will need to work with campus customers to ensure computers are updated or replaced as we follow the EOL standards for the S&T campus.

Once you find your computer model and have identified the support timeline for your computer, please review the common questions and answers below the spreadsheet to help answer questions you may have.

Dell Computer End of Life (EOL) Dates

There are several ways to determine the model of your computer. If you have a desktop, check the front of the computer to see if there is a model displayed (for example, the Optiplex 5050 has its model displayed at the top right corner). If you have a laptop, check the bottom of the computer to see if the model is listed there.

If you cannot find your computer's model displayed physically, check to see if your computer has the Dell Update app (it may also appear as Dell Command | Update). If your computer has this app, open it and view the information bar at the left-hand side of the app. Your computer's model will be displayed in big, bold letters. For example, the computer that took the following image was a Dell XPS 9370 laptop.

the computer that took this image was an XPS 9370 laptop, as shown by the model number

If you do not have this app and are still unable to locate the computer's model, contact the IT Help Desk for assistance. 

If your computer is not supported or listed, please submit a ticket for an IT consultation for potential replacement options.

Age, warranty status, minimum software requirements, and operating system compatibility are all considerations that are made when determining the EOL for each of the models in this chart.