Standard Hardware

Computer hardware offered by IT is only available for purchase by S&T employees.

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there is a long lead time (up to 3 months) and an increase in price on all Dell machines and monitors. 

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Standard Hardware
  • Dell Certified IT technical support and troubleshooting
  • Purchasing consultation available before you buy, contact the Help Desk at 573-341-4357 (HELP)
  • Receive educational discounts
  • IT extensively tests standard hardware and software to verify smooth integration and operation in our computing environment
  • Explore computer customization options for standard hardware
  • Ensure computer usability, compatibility, and life cycle support until the devices' end of life term
    *This term is dependent on many factors such as the software compatibility, inability to replace parts, etc.
Nonstandard Hardware
  • IT service fees charged
  • No guarantee of compatibility, technical support, or troubleshooting
  • Machines purchased outside of the standard list will be classified as non-standard equipment and be subject to fees

Nonstandard Hardware Fees

1. Desktop Engineering - $50 per hour
  • Fee covers labor for setup, installation, and troubleshooting
  • One time fee for initial hardware configuration so the device can work in our environment
  • Covers time and labor expended to test hardware
2. Services & Repairs- $35 per hour
  • Fee covers break/fix troubleshooting by IT technicians

Standard Hardware Pricing

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*Hardware prices are only available to S&T employees for University use.


Contact the Help Desk if you'd like to purchase standard hardware.