Redeploy Hardware


When computers are replaced at the end of their lifecycle in the CLCs and classrooms or through the Desktop Enhancement (DE) Program, they become available to redeploy for student use. These standard machines have expired warranties but remain functional.  Desktop computers are available for redeploy.  However, laptop inventory is severely limited, so IT approves laptop redeploys only for exceptions and extreme cases.

While inventory is available, one monitor per redeploy computer is provided. The departments must purchase monitors if inventory is unavailable and/or additional monitors are needed. Click here to view the standard hardware pricing list. To find monitors, click on the “Monitors” tab at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet.

Student use is the primary purpose for redeploys. Therefore, IT reviews and approves all redeploy hardware requests based on the justification/use case provided and available information, including the number of machines previously requested and allocated.

To request a redeploy computer, please open an IT Help Desk Ticket, or call the IT Help Desk at (573) 341-4357.  Provide the following information:

  1. Do you prefer a Windows or Mac computer?
  2. Who is the primary user(s)?
  3. Who is the faculty advisor, or staff supervisor of the primary user(s)?
  4. What is the campus computer’s name and/or model number that is currently in use?
  5. What is the building and room number for the redeploy location?
  6. Who, if anyone, needs administrative rights on the redeploy computer?
  7. What software needs to be installed on the redeploy computer?
  8. If the software requires a license, please provide the MoCode to charge for the license.
  9. Do you need a redeploy monitor?
  10. Are there enough active network jacks in the room to support additional computers?

Please include a justification/use case statement in your request.

Note: If your initial redeploy request is denied, an appeal process is available for you to provide additional information via the ticket.