Marco is the approved provider for IT funded printer and copier support to the campus.  Due to budget constraints, IT is unable to fund additional campus printing without appropriate leadership approval.  Going forward, the preferred choice for departments is to utilize group printers and copiers as much as possible.  Replacing existing printers will not increase the overall print expense to the campus but will require appropriate approval.  Requests will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Dean, VP or VC, and the IT CIO.  Monthly costs per unit can be found on the Printer Hardware Pricing sheet.


Departments that elect to purchase a printer without adding it to the Marco contract will be charged an installation and networking fee of $35 per hour and no additional printer support will be provided by IT after that is completed. 


Information Technology contracts with Marco to procure and support networked HP printers and Canon copiers at S&T.

Printers that are not eligible for this service or IT support

  • Non-networked printers
  • Non-HP brand printers
  • Non-Canon copiers

Standard Printers 

The button below will take you to a list of Marco supported standard printers and their prices. Copiers require a consultation with a Marco representative by contacting Tausha Manseau @


Printer Hardware Pricing

  • Purchasing of supported printers and copiers.  Consultation is available by contacting Tausha Manseau @
  • Installation of printer or copier.
  • Marco Help Desk availability Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 24-hour emergency support.
  • Automated free toner shipped to your office when toner levels are low. (The printer/copier has to remain on the network for low toner alerts to be sent to Marco and they must have the current mailing address.)
  • Your printer’s life extended through a 10-point maintenance check, in addition to diagnosis and resolution of any immediate issues. 
  • All toner, parts, and labor are free with the exceptions of staples, paper, and repair from natural disasters and abuse damage.
  • Marco provides a loaner printer if your printer is not fully operational after repair. 
  • If a replacement is required, a comparable device will be provided for free. 
  • For service or maintenance email, call 800.888.2081, or go online to Marco Your printer will have a sticker with Marco’s contact information and device information.
  • Your service call will be answered live 98% of the time by Marco, or you will receive a follow-up call within 15 minutes.
  • If on-site service is required, a certified technician will call within one hour to establish an on-site arrival time and will arrive on-site within four business hours, unless otherwise requested.
  • Alternatively, contact the S&T IT Help Desk 573-341-4357 and we will contact Marco on your behalf (this method will result in service delays).