LAPS Program Information

What is LAPS?

The Local Administrator Password (LAPS) tool is designed to provide users with administrator privileges to a Missouri S&T-owned computer for a limited time. LAPS is designed to minimize the security risks inherent with such privileges while still allowing the benefits provided by administrator privileges to be enjoyed.  For information about how to request LAPS access, see the following paragraph.

What is improper usage of LAPS?

The LAPS program grants users greater degrees of freedom over their machines, but there are limitations and restrictions on that usage. Please adhere to the following usage guidelines while using LAPS:

  1. Be sure to adhere to the University's Acceptable Usage Policy.
  2. Do not disable any Information Technology accounts on the machine or otherwise impair Information Technology's ability to provide remote assistance or support for the university-owned machine you are using.
  3. Do not create or delete any accounts on the workstations.
  4. Understand that using the elevated privileges granted by LAPS makes your machine more susceptible to spyware, viruses, and potentially damaging security breaches.
  5. Understand that the use of administrator privileges may only be used when installing/operating University approved software or altering settings that cannot be done with standard user access, and that the computer will otherwise be used with standard user privileges at all times for normal business tasks (like working with documents, web browsing, checking email, etc.).
  6. Understand that the provision of administrator privileges for the purpose of installing software does not imply that IT will support the installation, configuration, or maintenance of such software.
  7. Understand that if the computer needs to be reformatted for any reason the S&T IT Department will install standard image. You will be responsible for restoring data that was stored locally on the workstation, as well as any additional software that you installed.

These guidelines are designed to protect you, your data, and the University.  Adherence to these guidelines helps prevent data loss, loss of time due to compromises, and prosecution due to noncompliance with Federal regulations.  Deviation from these guidelines is considered risky behavior and may result in adverse consequences such as data loss, possible denial of future administrator privilege requests, and Federal prosecution. If you have concerns about these guidelines and would like to discuss them, please contact IT Security at with the subject “Concerns about LAPS restrictions”.

How do I access LAPS?

If you are registered as the owner of your computer, then you already have administrator privileges to that computer and will not have to go through the LAPS request process.  If your are not the owner, we have a LAPS request process to assist you with requesting administrator privileges. To begin the process of getting administrator privileges to your computer, fill out the S&T IT Managed Computer Administrator Privilege Request form.

Note: Your computer's name is typically a string of letters and numbers listed on a white label either on the computer monitor or the machine itself.

You can regularly check the status of your form as it moves through the approval process by visiting the my documents page.  If your form is approved, you are granted access to LAPS for one year. After that time, another form must be submitted to maintain administrator privileges.

My form is completed. What next?

When your form is completed, you have access to the LAPS program. Visit the Laps Instruction Page for details on how to use LAPS to gain administrator privileges.