Desktop Enhancement Program

The Desktop Enhancement (DE) program enables full-time, general revenue funded S&T faculty and staff one Dell computer for their university business needs. The DE program is managed by the Information Technology (IT) department and applies to all general revenue-funded academic and administrative departments. 

Each department will have an assigned point of contact individual that will work with IT Asset Management to ensure that annual renewals are kept up to date.

What IT Provides

IT will provide a subsidy towards a standard laptop or a desktop. The standard offerings we have are reviewed quarterly. Departments will be responsible for all additional costs above the base model stipend. The additional cost would include any upgrades to the base configuration, upgrading to a different Dell model, or a Mac*. 

Laptops are the preferred system for a majority of faculty and staff while desktops are recommended for essential staff required to be on campus. At the end of that time, the computer will be replaced through this program and the old computer will be returned to IT for surplus processing.

Monitors will be replaced on a break/fix basis with our defined standard and additional costs for larger monitors will be the department's responsibility. 

*Resources for Mac computers are limited and resolution times may take longer to complete. If an external Apple technician resource is needed to resolve the issue, additional support fees may be incurred. 

Stipend Amount

Standard Laptop: ~$1,200

Standard Desktop: ~$745 

DE Computers Available

The program offers a minimum standard configuration that will provide workplace flexibility and eliminate the need for multiple computing devices. Upgrade options are available at cost to the department. Approximate costs are available on the Computer Standard page but are subject to change due to market changes.

Dell Laptop

  • 14” display
  • i5 processor
  • 16 GB memory
  • 256 GB SSD (solid-state drive)
  • 4-year warranty
  • Replaced on a four-year cycle

Dell Desktop


  • i5 processor
  • 16 GB memory
  • 256 GB SSD (solid-state drive)
  • 4-year warranty
  • Replaced on a five-year cycle


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there is a long lead time (up to 3 months) and an increase in price on all Dell machines and monitors.



Each (100%) full-time, benefit-eligible, professor, faculty, adjunct faculty, instructor, lecturer with an appointment for more than two years and full-time (100%) staff members can get a new computer if their existing computer is more than five years old. Systems outside of faculty and staff normal usage (e.g. research-funded machines, machines packaged with instruments, etc.) are not covered by this program.  

  1. Department Point of Contact (POC) is notified via email of the replacement list for the respective fiscal year.
  2. Department POC reviews and makes required changes.  Departments are able to rearrange their respective computer replacement schedules within the intent, scope, and constraints of this program. Changes need to be communicated to and approved by IT. 
  3. Department POC selects new computers from options listed in the IT hardware pricing sheet for each individual due for a replacement.
  4. DE monitors will not be replaced on the same five-year life cycle. 
  5. IT will complete all technology purchasing for the DE program.

You may select a computer and available upgrade options but with some stipulations:

  • You are able to choose a computer from the options identified in the IT hardware pricing sheet.  The computers and options are resultant from the UM System volume purchasing agreements and those models that have passed IT infrastructure support tests.  
  • Your department authorized fiscal approver must approve all additional costs associated with your selection and upgrade options.

When you find the supported computer of your choosing, work with your department POC for approval. Have your department POC submit a ticket on your behalf including a mocode to pay for the additional charges if applicable under IT Procurement>Desktop Enhancement>Request/Submit DE Information. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting for additional guidance on this program, please submit a ticket under IT Procurement>Hardware>Request DE Information.

The computer and upgrade options needed should be determined by what best fits your needs. IT is available to assist in determining which computer and configuration best fits your computing needs.  When the DE configuration will not satisfy your computing needs, IT has established consultation processes to identify more advanced computing needs. To initiate the process, please submit a Request DE Consultation Cherwell ticket under IT Procurement>Desktop Enhancement>Request DE Consultation

This process will identify upgrades that will enable you to perform your computing duties more effectively and efficiently.  Any costs associated with custom configurations will be borne by the requesting department.  All computers below minimum base configuration will not be allowed on the network and all computers must remain compatible with the campus computing infrastructure. 

No, all hardware purchased as part of the DE program is the property of Missouri S&T and will be managed and maintained by IT.  This also means all hardware upgrades purchased as part of the DE program (e.g. larger displays, additional memory, etc.) must be returned to IT for surplus.