IT Org Chart (July 2019)
  • Chief Information Office
  • IT Business Services
  • Enterprise Services & Infrastructure
  • Research Support Services
  • Campus Technology Support

Chief Information Office

Our Missouri S&T Information Technology Chief Information Officer is charged with providing executive leadership and vision for the strategic development and management of information, information resources and technology to support achievement of the University of Missouri (UM) System and Missouri S&T missions, strategic goals, and program priorities. Our CIO establishes and maintains trust relationships to benefit IT at Missouri S&T and represents Missouri S&T's IT needs at the UM system level.

Cathy Allison, Director of Campus Support Services, Interim CIO

Mark Bookout, Director of Research Support Services, Interim CIO

Lauren Costoplos, Assistant to the CIO

IT Business Services

IT Business Services works closely with IT Directorates and staff members, as well as with various constituencies from across the campus. They provide support in the areas of administrative, project/portfolio management, fiscal, personnel, communications, asset management and security services.


Services include:

  • Desktop Enhancement Program
  • Asset Management (Hardware and Software)
  • Fiscal Management
  • IT Related Purchasing

Cheryl Ahrens Manager

Chris Bucher

Alissa Fleck

Diana Hawkins

Lua Smith

Jim Turner



The IT Information security team ensures the safety of S&T information assetsand technology resources by guiding policy development, training, and theapplication of technical security methodologies. Missouri S&T has maintaineda security event-free computing environment since 2004.

Karl Lutzen Info. Security Officer

Tim Doty


The IT Program and Compliance Officer will be responsible for maintaining IT program and service lifecycles, IT service catalog, memorandums of understanding and service level agreements, IT policies and procedures, legal compliance and security audits for procurement and disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Lauren Oswald



The IT project management team works to identify and facilitate special projectseach fiscal year to enhance the quality of our computing environment, meet criticalneeds, and provide tangible benefits to our university's technology infrastructure andservice offerings. Members of the team serve as relationship managers for applicationportfolios supported by ESA, as well as managing many of the complex projects in theproject portfolio.

Services include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management

Rick Bonner

Janet Carroll

Tom Donnell

Melissa Hill


Enterprise Services & Infrastructure

Networks & Computing Systems (NCS) is responsible for all IT infrastructure on campus in support of desktop & server computing, database, network, and telecommunication services.

Dan Uetrecht Director


Our Enterprise Systems & Applications (ESA) group enables and facilitates the management of information at S&T by developing, implementing, supporting, and maintaining applications that automate processes, report information, and achieve desired user-defined results. Formulation and analysis of application systems' scopes and objectives, and preparing detailed specifications from which application programs are written. Recognizing probable interactions of other related programs with the assigned program(s); appropriately adjusting system design/configuration to accommodate existing software and operating environments and may modify and adapt precedent solutions and existing systems to meet new system requests. Develops applications unique to S&T and provides technical support and training for the campus’ web presence infrastructure. Provides technical support and maintenance for systems implemented by Missouri S&T. Provides campus-level technical support for PeopleSoft and other large administrative systems implemented and maintained by the University of Missouri system’s Department of Information Technology. Provides reporting, architectural and technical support for Missouri S&T data.

Sophia Kim

Ray Morgan

Arturo Rosas

Le Wang



The Database Administration team is responsible for the design, implementation and administration of campus enterprise database systems and the campus Core Data database warehouse.

Services include:

  • Hosted Oracle database instances
  • hosted MS SQL database instances
  • Database administration
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database design and consulting
  • Tier 3 diagnosis, support and repair of database related issues

Cindy Germeroth

Perry Koob


The networking team is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of all network infrastructure on campus, the interconnection to the Inter Campus Network (ICN) and the Residential Housing network (RESNET).

Services include:

  • Wired network connectivity
  • Wireless network connectivity
  • Private secure networks
  • Secure remote access services
  • Off campus building connectivity
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) connectivity
  • Network administration, monitoring, diagnosis and repair
  • Tier 3 diagnosis, support and repair for network related issues

Peg Wilson Manager

Richard Altheide

David Atkinson

Kevin Green

Jinming Lam



The Network Technicians team is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the campus network copper, fiber and telephone cable plant. The team is also responsible for all network and data centers including installation and physical maintenance of network and server equipment on campus and diagnosis and repair of connectivity issues.

Services include:

  • Network and phone jack installation, activation and troubleshooting
  • Fiber termination, diagnosis and repair
  • Network closet equipment and cabling installation and maintenance
  • Data center equipment and cabling installation and maintenance
  • Tier 3 diagnosis, support and repair for telecommunications and physical network connectivity issues

Paul Germeroth

Greg Adams

JT Scantlin


The Servers and Desktop Infrastructure team is responsible for designing, implementing, and administering all campus infrastructure in support of desktop and server computing.

Services include:

  • Hosted virtual servers
  • Hosted physical servers
  • Server administration and maintenance
  • SAN storage for hosted servers
  • Storage administration and maintenance
  • DFS network storage for users, departments, and researchers
  • Automated operating system installation for servers and desktops

Gerry O'Brennan Manager

Ryan Lantzer

Nathan Neulinger

Jon Weaver 



The telecommunications team is responsible for the campus VOIP, analog and cellular phone services on campus. The team is responsible for initiating service, making changes, troubleshooting, customer support and billing for services

Services include:

  • VOIP phone service
  • Analog phone service
  • Cellular phone and data plans
  • Diagnose and repair phone service issues
  • Provide end user support for phone service
  • Provide billing and answer billing inquiries for campus customers

Betty Scantlin



Research Support Services

The IT Research Support Services (RSS) team is charged with providing technology consultation in support of research efforts on campus. RSS also provides operational support for many common-use research-focused systems on campus, as well as IT problem management for systems withing their scope.

Mark Bookout Director

Don Howdeshell

Jennifer Nixon


High Performance Computing support provided by RSS includes support for cluster and workstation environments, for both academic and research uses.

Services include:

  • Academic Numerically Intensive Computing cluster administration and support
  • Research cluster design, configuration, procurement, hosting, administration and support
  • End user High Performance Workstation support
  • Linux support




Data collection and analysis support provided by RSS focuses on the technologies utilized in the capture and processing of data describing of real-world systems and events.

Services include:

  • Labview support
  • Sensor and system support
  • National Instruments systems support

Randy Haffer


Electromechanical systems support provided by RSS focuses on the design, production, and maintenance of large electromechanical instruments which cannot be purchased from commercial vendors.

Services include:

  • Mechanical system design
  • Fabrication consulting
  • System design consulting
  • Maintenance of limited EM systems established on campus

Buddy Scharfenberg 



Campus Technology Support


Campus Technology Support provides high quality support and innovation in delivery of information technology products and services to empower our S&T customers (please see for more information). We provide primary communications support of IT related events and changes effecting customers.

IT Units: 


Desktop Support provides on-site technical consultation and support for workplace computer systems and related peripherals.   All service requests for Desktop Support are routed through the Help Desk by phone (573-341-4357) or by entering a ticket online at

Services include:

  • Campus standard builds for Windows workstations
  • Automated software installation for Windows workstations



Learning Environment Support provides on-site technical support for classrooms, CLC and labs.  All service requests for Classroom Support and CLC Support are routed through the Help Desk by phone (573-341-4357) or by entering a ticket online at

Services include:

  • Automated software installation for Windows workstations
  • Software packaging for automated installation
  • Software license server installation and administration


The first point of contact to request IT services or report issues is the IT Help Desk. They receive, resolve and route reported technology issues and service requests from faculty, staff and students. The IT Help Desk can be contacted by phone at 573-341-4357 or by entering a ticket online at You may also come to the walk-up center for technical support for campus- and student-owned computers. This is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Services include troubleshooting, repair, configuration, and print quota coupons.



Provide direct user and application administration support to campus academic customers for server based technologies used in both classwork and research settings.



IT Addresses

Main office physical address:

Suite E Room 110- Phelps Health Annex
1100 West 10th Street
Rolla, MO 65409

IT Help Desk Phone: 573-341-HELP (4357)


Mailing addresses:

Suite E Room 114- Phelps Health Annex
1100 West 10th Street
Rolla, MO 65409-1150
106 Comp. Sci.
500 W. 15th St.
Rolla, MO 65409
102 Centennial Hall
300 W. 12th St.
Rolla, MO 65409