IT Project Management

Missouri S&T IT Project Management works with campus departments to enhance project implementation by coordinating with the departments, vendors, and customers to help ensure successful campus technology projects.  

IT Project Management can assist your department in the following areas: 

  • Defining project goals and business requirements
  • Business process design and user interface analysis
  • Identifying and evaluating technologies and solutions for implementation
  • Project management
  • Vendor relations
  • Problem-solving & decision analysis
  • Test management
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Training development and delivery
  • Risk management


Request a Project

Submit a project request using your university Google account and a member of our team will follow up with you.


Project Manager

Melissa Hill, PMP

Business Technology Analyst

Project Governance Process

The Project Management Office (PMO) facilitates the project governance process which begins at budget time each year. Projects move through three phases.

Proposal Phase

Proposals are submitted for projects with a resource estimate tolerance of +/- 50%. Proposals are evaluated based on strategic and viability factors as well as resources. Projects with high strategic and viability rankings are advanced to the Charter phase to be investigated further. Projects that are not chosen to move forward are rejected or queued for future consideration.

Charter Phase

Once a proposal has been selected for further development additional information is submitted and resource estimates are refined to a tolerance of +/-20%. Projects with high strategic and viability rankings, and for which we have the resource capacity to complete, are approved*. Projects that are not chosen to move forward are rejected or queued.

Review Phase

Project health indicators are reviewed quarterly by the CIO and Directors. Changes to scope, budget, or timeline require re-approval. During the quarterly review, the overall resource capacity of the organization, newly identified projects, and projects with increased strategic or viability rankings are also considered and reviewed.

*The approved section of our Project Portfolio Management application includes the IT projects in which we are engaged for the current fiscal year.