CIO Letter to Campus

S&T's new CIO, Danny Tang, wrote a letter to campus with a brief outline of how he will begin his first few months at S&T.


Danny Tang
Chief Information Officer

To the Missouri S&T Community, 

In just a few short days, I’ll begin serving as S&T’s new Chief Information Officer.  Over the past few months, I’ve received many notes of congratulations, welcomes, and offers to assist with our family’s transition.  Many have also asked about my priorities and how I might begin my first few months.  I’d like to take the opportunity in this month’s IT newsletter to provide a brief update and give a broad idea of what to expect as I start on July 1st.

First of all, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the S&T and Rolla community for how welcoming everyone has been.  Moving a young family to a new state can be daunting.  Yet from the day we arrived, we were flooded with offers of help, cookies from neighbors, and even invitations to kids’ playdates. We still live in a sea of boxes at home and are overly reliant on Google Maps when we venture out, but we could not have asked for a warmer welcome. We’ve already begun to make new memories as our children scored their first runs in the T-ball and Pixie softball leagues.  We look forward to building many more wonderful memories in our new life here.

On the professional front, I am eager to start serving S&T to ensure the institution has the IT services it needs to meet its bold ambitions.  Instinctively, I want to roll up my sleeves straightaway.  However, I am reminded of the wisdom shared with me by Dr. Jim Bruce, retired CIO and emeritus professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Dr. Bruce advised me to always build relationships and learn from people first.  My last question should be “who should I meet with next?”  Don’t stop meeting with people until the answer is always someone whom I’ve already met.  While I likely can’t meet with everyone at S&T, I intend to take Dr. Bruce’s advice to heart. 

Though it may sound cliché, my first priority will be to engage with and learn from the S&T community.  I want to understand your individual needs and aspirations as well as your perspective about the institution and where we’re headed.  So if over the next few months, you receive an invitation to meet, either individually or in a group, I humbly ask you to accept. 

IT intersects all aspects of higher education including teaching & learning, student success, research & scholarship and business operations.  Beyond that, I believe in the power of technology to elevate higher education, to enable & accelerate next generation research and train today’s students to join the workforce of the future. However, technology can only have that kind of impact when it is aligned with the needs and aspirations of the institution.  I invite you to partner with me to chart out the future of IT at Missouri S&T. 

Thank you and see you soon!